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Projects with The Open University

The project selection below has been completed during employment with The Open University between September 2008 and October 2013.

Employer: The Open University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Milton Keynes (England)

Creating Hackney as Home
The research project Creating Hackney as Home uses participatory video production to explore how young people experience a sense of home and belonging in the London Borough of Hackney.
Project link: www.hackneyashome.co.uk
Oecumene: Citizenship after Orientalism
The research project Oecumene: Citizenship after Orientalism focuses on the interaction between two contested concepts: citizenship, the process by which belonging is recognised and enacted, and orientalism, the assertion of the superiority of western culture over its eastern counterparts.
Project link: www.oecumene.eu
30th International Human Science Research Conference
The 30th International Human Science Research Conference (IHSRC) is hosted by The Open University and held at St. Catherine's College, Oxford University, UK from 27-30 July 2011.
Organisational Trust
The website provides the latest details on the Standing Working Group on Organisational Trust. It also includes relevant information for researchers and practitioners who are interested in organisational trust.
OpenSpace Research Centre
The OpenSpace Research Centre promotes research on geographical and environmental concerns and aims to be conceptually and empirically innovative, and designed to engage with diverse publics.
FINNOV: Finance, Innovation & Growth
Website for the FINNOV research project coordinated by The Open University. The project studies the relationship between innovation, finance, economic performance and inequality.
Centre for Citizenship, Identities and Governance (CCIG)
The website for the Centre for Citizenship, Identities and Governance (CCIG) informs on the centre's primary research goals and provides a platform for dialogue and debate.
Lost in Application
Website for the research-practice conference Lost in Application: Child Witnesses and Psychological Research on Trial.
Project link: www.open.ac.uk/socialsciences/lostinapplication
Semlin Judenlager
Website for the research project History and Politics of Holocaust Remembrance: Semlin Judenlager in Serbian public memory. Website available in English and Serbian.
Project link: www.open.ac.uk/socialsciences/semlin

Websites for Swiss clients

Since 2001 I design and create websites or advise during the development of web projects. I work self-employed as Web Developer on consultancy basis.

Bretschger Leuch Rechtsanwälte
Website for the Zurich-based Law firm Bretschger Leuch Rechtsanwälte.
Project link: www.dschinni.ch/web/breleu
A mobile website designed and built in 2007 for the band Scacciapensieri. On the site, the user could download the free Scacciapensieri ringtone Welt statt Baden.
Bellevue Verlag
The Bellevue Verlag GmbH in Zurich is the publisher of the Wochenend & Ferien Schweiz brochure and the Mallorca Guide.
Project details: www.dschinni.ch/web/bellevueverlag
Baronessa Lenzburg
Website for the Baronessa bar in Lenzburg with information about the activities and the association behind the weekly events.
Project details: www.dschinni.ch/web/baronessa
Mallorca Guide
Wochenend & Ferien Schweiz launched for the summer 2006 a special Mallorca Guide brochure.
Project details: www.dschinni.ch/web/mallorcaguide
Meier AG
Website maintenance for the Meier AG in Fischbach-Göslikon (Switzerland). A new product gallery with various projects was included in the website.
The Kafi-Jet AG in Niederwil (Switzerland) is your partner for all household devices and the finest coffee, at home and for your office.
Project details: www.dschinni.ch/web/kafi-jet
Bake this traditional Swiss yuletide cookie with the original spice.
Project link: www.weinguteli.ch
Martina la Canela
The dancer Martina la Canela introduces herself and tells you more about her passion the flamenco. A project by og3, in collaboration with Ursi Bärtsch.
Project link: www.lacanela.ch
The Nuqtah Clothing Co. sells t-shirts and long sleeves with words in the Arabic and Urdu languages. You can buy them on the website or on markets in Zurich. A project by og3, in collaboration with Ursi Bärtsch.
Project details: www.dschinni.ch/web/nuqtah
Grupo Zorongo
Zorongo is a traditional flamenco group with singing, dance and guitar playing. They bring you closer to the world of the fiery flamenco. A project by og3, in collaboration with Ursi Bärtsch.
Project link: www.zorongo.ch

Projects as part of og3

The og3 team designs and creates internet appearances, logo types, advertisements and brochures. Visit og3.ch for more information.

Projects with Mathys Partner

The project selection below has been completed during my employment with Mathys Partner between May 2000 and December 2004.

Employer: Mathys Partner GmbH, Technopark, Zurich (Switzerland)

Puls 5
Living, working, shopping: Puls 5 in Zurich-West offers various possibilities.
Project details: www.dschinni.ch/web/puls5
Website for the marketing and letting of the newly developed area Andreaspark in Zurich Oerlikon.
Project details: www.dschinni.ch/web/andreaspark
Programming of the company website for Titus Fehr. Momotion works with 3d animation for Character Creation & Animation, Prototyping, Process Animation and Virtual Worlds.

Andre Vock, Römerstrasse 23, 5404 Baden, Switzerland, +41 79 666 17 74

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